Local Organizers

    F. Brezzi

    A. Buffa

    S. Corsaro

    A. Murli

Scientific Committee

  • O. Axelsson (Netherlands)
  • C. Canuto (Italy)
  • M. Griebel (Germany)
  • R. Hoppe (Germany)
  • G. Kobelkov (Russia)
  • U. Langer (Austria)
  • K. Morgan (United Kingdom)
  • A. Murli (Italy)
  • P. Neittaanmäki (Finland)
  • O. Pironneau (France)
  • A. Quarteroni (Italy/Swiatzerland)
  • C. Schwab (Switzerland)
  • D. Talay (France)
  • W. Wendland (Germany)

Invited Lectures

  • D. Chapelle (Paris, France)
    Towards the convergence of 3D and shell finite elements?
  • A. Cohen (Paris, France)
    Multiscale adaptive processing for evolution equations
  • R. Hoppe (Augsburg, Germany)
    Adaptive domain decomposition techniques in electromagnetic field computation and electrothermomechanical coupling problems
  • T. Hou (Caltech, USA) D. Sorensen (Houston, USA) A. Quarteroni (Milano, Italy and Lausanne, Switzerland)
    Analysis of a domain decomposition method for the coupling of Stokes and Darcy equations
  • E. Süli (Oxford, United Kingdom)
    Sobolev regularity estimation for hp-adaptive finite element methods D. Trigiante (Florence, Italy)


  • Numerical Treatment of Differential Equations and Applications to Finance
  • New Trends in Nonconforming Domain Decomposition Methods
  • Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods
  • Numerical Linear Algebra in Applications
  • Numerics of Kinetic Equations Based on a Grid in Phase Space
  • Numerics of Singular Free Boundary Problems and Hamilton-Jacobi equ's
  • Shell Modeling: Asymptotic and Numerical Methods
  • Adaptive Methods for Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations
  • Mixed Finite Elements: Methods Algorithms and Applications
  • Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo methods for PDEs and Applications
  • Robust Iterative Solvers (with Application to the Navier-Stokes Equations)
  • TMR Minisymposium on Wavelets in Numerical Simulation
  • Approximation of Maxwell Equations on Non-Smooth Domains