Local Organizers

    A. Borzi

    B. Carpentieri

    G. Haase

    M. Hintermüller

    F. Kappel

    S. Keeling

    V. Kovtunenko

    K. Kunisch

    G. Of

    G. Peichl

    G. Propst

    W. Ring

    O. Steinbach

    S. Volkwein

Scientific Committee

  • C. Bernardi (France)
  • H. G. Bock (Germany)
  • A. Borzi (Austria)
  • C. Canuto (Italy)
  • A. Bermudes (Spain)
  • G. Haase (Austria)
  • R. Hoppe (Germany)
  • A. Iserles (United Kingdom)
  • F. Kappel (Austria)
  • G. Kobelkov (Russia)
  • M. Krizek (Czech Republic)
  • O. Pironneau (France)
  • A. Quarteroni (Switzerland)
  • S. Repin (Russia)
  • S. Sauter (Switzerland)
  • J. Sanz-Serna (Spain)
  • C. Schwab (Switzerland)
  • E. Süli (United Kingdom)
  • O. Steinbach (Austria)

Invited Lectures

  • Anton Arnold (TU Vienna, Austria)
    Open boundary conditions for wave propagation problems on unbounded domains
  • John W. Barett (Imperial College, UK)
    Parametric Approximation of Geometric Evolution Equations
  • Jan Chleboun (Academy of Sciences, Prague)
    The worst scenario method: e red thread running through various approaches to problems with uncertain input data
  • Michael Griebel (U Bonn, Germany)
    On the numerical solution of higher-dimensional partial differential equations
  • Patrick Joly (INRIA, France)
    Transparent boundary conditions, wave propagation and periodic media
  • George Papanicolaou (U Stanford, USA)
    Imaging in Random Media
  • Ulrich Langer (Linz, Austria)
    Boundary and Finite Element Domain Decomposition Methods
  • Donatella Marini (U di Pavia, Italy)
    Discontinuous Galerkin elements for Reissner-Mindlin plates
  • Jinchao Xu (U. Penn State, USA)
    Robust Interactive Methods for PDEs with Rough Coefficients
  • Gerhard Wanner (U. Genf, Switzerland)
    Geomertic Integration, in particular of Euler's Rigid Body Equation


  • Inverse Problems
    organized by A. Neubauer (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Austria) and O. Scherzer (University of Innsbruck, Austria)
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction
    organized by S. Turek (University of Dortmund, Germany) and J. Ballmann (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
  • Model Reduction - POD
    organized by P. Benner (TU Chemnitz, Germany) and D.C. Sorensen (Rice University, USA)
  • Optimal Control with PDE
    organized by M. Heinkenschloss (Rice University, Houston, USA) and R. W. Hoppe (University of Houston, USA)
  • Fast Methods for Nonlocal Operators
    organized by M. Bebendorf (University of Leipzig, Germany) and W. Hackbusch
  • Modelling in Medicine
    organized by H. O. Peitgen (Bremen, Germany)
  • Geometric PDEs
    organized by G. Dziuk (University of Freibung, Germany) and C. Elliott (University of Sussex, United Kingdom)
  • Liquid Vapor Phase Transitions
    organized by R. Abgrall (Université Bordeaux, France) and D. Kroener (University of Freiburg, Germany)
  • Level-set Methods, Hamilton-Jacobi Equations and Applications
    organized by M. Falcone (Universita’ di Roma, Italy)